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How to Network with Purpose

Networking is something that is so often drilled into us. We are told that the best way to achieve success is to network with the ‘right’ people. We all know that networking is important, but how can we network with purpose? How can we follow on from that initial contact with someone? How can we ensure that we create a lasting, meaningful mutual relationship? Effective networking significantly increases your chances of success and development in the long run whilst also opening up new avenues of opportunity for you right now. The truth is that most jobs are not advertised, they are given to people that are known to the companies. Therefore, it is vital to network with those who can increase your chances of success in your chosen field. However, there is not a step by step guide on how to network like a pro. Appreciate that each and every one of us is unique and has a different perspective to offer. To be successful at networking, you not only need to know where to focus your energy but you need to open to new perspectives, to be open to advise and support and to be willing to give your opinion.

Have an aim

Network with purpose. Have an objective. You won’t succeed if you walk round aimlessly at networking events. You need to meet and mingle with people that benefit you; but you need to be of service to the people too. You will have to get to know a few faces before you discover who you desire to connect further with. Most importantly, have an overall goal. It not only helps you to understand where it is you need to focus your efforts, but it also helps other people to know what it is you are seeking. Be sure of what you want and go after that.

Be confident

Networking is accessible to all. You just need to have confidence, determination and tenacity. You can network over the internet using LinkedIn, Instagram or even Facebook. You can also network face to face with friends and colleagues. You can meet new people at networking events such as trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. It is all about making yourself visible and known in your area of specialism. You may stumble at first but maintain that drive and passion. Your determination and resilience will not go by unnoticed.

Be friendly and approachable

If a managing director is able to put your name to your face, you have already made a huge impact upon them. Be clear and honest about what you want and what you are hoping to achieve. People can only help you if they are aware of what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and likewise don’t be shy about offering up your expertise and insights.


Networking with purpose is all about creating that honest and authentic connection. When you make a positive connection, always follow that up with a note or the sharing of an interesting article. You never know if this contact will become a future partner, client, mentor or friend. Make yourself memorable. To get more tips, contact us at [email protected]