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How to improve your job search

I spoke to a Talent Acquisition Specialist recently, and she was telling me how challenging the job market is but also how hard it was to find the right candidate.

I listened carefully because I too, wanted to know what Hiring managers were looking for during this major shift. Here are some tips she mentioned that can give applicants an edge.

Develop multiple skill set & highlight your ability to work remotely

The world is changing at a very fast pace and some jobs that were once in demand have been replaced by new ones. With a big proportion of the workforce now working from home, employers are looking for people that can work remotely and be independent. In order to stay at the forefront and future proof your career, you must develop multiple skill set and transferrable skills that can be applied across multiple sectors. There are lots of free courses available during this time and there’s no better time to develop a new skill.

Tailor your CV to the role

You need not have 100% of the experience advertised for the role but you have to highlight relevant transferrable skills and demonstrate your adaptability. Show you are a fast learner and have been able to pick up new skills in previous roles. You should show how you can help the organisation solve their problems by highlighting how you have solved problems in the past and demonstrate tangible results for your employer.

Update your LinkedIn profile and add the URL to your CV

Most companies now advertise roles on LinkedIn and your profile should be updated and refreshed regularly to showcase your experience. You should also use LinkedIn to connect with like minded professionals and contribute to discussions that establishes you as a knowledgeable person in your field. Also remember to highlight any published works and achievements.

Develop a personal brand

What are you known for? What do people say about you when you are not in the room? It is important more than ever as more people start to work digitally to have a strong personal brand that establishes you in your industry and showcase the value that you bring.

Leverage your network

Most people cringe at the mention of networking, but this is because people approach it in the wrong way. You should build your connections and network before you need them, and the relationship should not be transactional. You should seek to give before you ask, but if you have built your network then you shouldn’t be shy to ask for referrals for jobs or into companies that you want to work for. If you are yet to build your network, then make sure you start today!

I asked her more questions, and she summarised a few absolute no no’s when looking for jobs.

“Don’t use a scatter gun approach. There are few jobs out there and only the best candidate will be selected .”

“Not actively using LinkedIn and not leveraging their network.”

But we recognise that these are the areas where most candidates struggle, and we are on a mission to help job seekers prepare and be ready to take on their desired job and step into a brighter future.

And this is why we have crafted a Mentoring Programme to sky rocket your career. Begin your journey today and join the Rise Mentoring Programme.