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5 tips to develop resilience during job search

When you are facing the dreaded and daunting task of searching for a job it can be incredibly challenging to develop and sustain resilience, and especially challenging to remain positive during it. There are many different reasons why people are searching for a job. You may have just graduated and are looking for your first fulltime job, you may be looking for a career change, or you may have recently lost your job and be searching for a new one. Whatever reason you find yourself searching for a job, resilience will be crucial.

Here are 5 tips to help you develop and sustain resilience during your job search!

1. Be consistent

Treat your job search as your full-time job. This means waking up early, getting ready and start searching and applying for jobs. Consistency is key during this stage as this will help you to develop resilience. You will find it much more challenging if you aren’t consistent with applications and only apply for one job every now and then.

Given the current climate it is very challenging to secure a new job as it is so competitive. Many people find that they have to apply for multiple jobs before receiving an interview. Therefore, spending Monday to Friday searching for jobs that you would like, and working through the applications will certainly help you find a job quicker than if you are only dedicating one day a week to it. If you are in the routine of doing so, this will help you remain resilient during your job search as you will be more used to it.

2. Network

A great way to stay resilient during your job search is to network with others around you. Speaking to past colleagues and associates may provide you with useful tips and advice. It may also boost your confidence and resilience as they may offer words of encouragement.

Networking is also crucial as it may be your way into a new company. If you let people know that you are searching for a job, they may be able to advise that a new opening is coming up and to keep an eye out.

3. Keep track of where you are at

Applying for jobs can be overwhelming, and it is very easy to quickly become downhearted. It is a good idea to try and keep on track of which jobs you have applied for, and which of those you are still waiting to hear back from.

A simple way to do this is make a table or chart and keep track of each job, and which stage of the journey you are at with it. Some jobs require you to apply through an online portal and log back in to see if you have received an interview. Make sure you are on top of it and log back in to check. There is no point in applying for lots of jobs if you don’t follow up on them.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

It can be such a struggle to remain resilient, especially if you are not hearing back from the companies or are being rejected. A key way to sustain your resilience is by not putting too much pressure on yourself. Being rejected by companies is normal and unfortunately a part of applying for new jobs. Therefore, don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t immediately get a new job.

If you do hear back from a company and get invited to an interview, take some time to prepare, but don’t put added pressure on yourself by worrying. Do your best, and if it doesn’t go how you wanted it to, just keep trying and learning from your mistakes.

5. Don’t let it knock your confidence

The best way to remain resilient when searching for a job is to keep your confidence levels high. If you don’t hear back from a company, do not let it knock your confidence. There are lots of different reasons why a company may not get back in touch after receiving your application. Don’t take it personally, continue moving forwards and adjusting your application and making improvements as you go. Keep your confidence levels high and remind yourself that the right job will come along, and you will be successful.

Developing and sustaining resilience during your job search can be very challenging. If you are struggling, try using the tips above to help you during the process. The right job will come along, so remain resilient and continue trying your best, and all your hard work will pay off.