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3 Tips for Managing Your Career

Managing your career requires proactive forward-thinking and keeping your finger on the pulse with the latest updates in your industry. Whether you are seeking career growth through taking on additional responsibility or looking for a new opportunity entirely – I have learned some tips through my own career progression that I wish to share with you.

Create a Career Plan and Update it Regularly

Treating your career as if it were your own business and making a strategy for the next few years is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable and to aspire to an end-goal. Things may change and the plan may have to be re-adjusted but holding the pen in determining what you want to achieve and where you want to go will help keep yourself on track. It may even inspire you to think outside the box as you contemplate your goals and aspirations, leading you to new avenues of thought.

Be Open to Opportunities

Sometimes it’s very clear when an opportunity is perfect for you and completely aligns with your plan. Sometimes, an opportunity falls into your lap that requires further consideration. Being open-minded with opportunities and taking the lessons learned from new skills is one of the best ways to find out your preferences when it comes to your career. You may discover something new about yourself and your capabilities. The next time an opportunity comes up that encourages you to learn a new skillset – take advantage of it.

Keep Active within your Network

Avoid losing touch with a professional connection after a network event, old job or through a mutual business partner. Keeping in touch with your professional network, through regular meetings or over coffee, enables you to discover opportunities for your career that may not have been formally advertised. Good professional relationships should be mutually beneficial and not transactional. Be willing to give first before you ask for favors.


It’s easy to get stuck in your current role and lose sight of the overall trajectory of your career. Through active research, an action planning and regular catch ups with key contacts, you’ll be well ahead of the game in developing your career. Email us at [email protected] for a free career planning workbook to help you manage your career in a smarter way!